Are my tasks & to-do's finally right..?

So I’ve struggled for years on how to manage my tasks/to-do’s.  I’ve used every product and every methodology…  Todoist, Wunderlist, IFTTT & Orchestra, and the Eisenhower Matrix to name but a few.

My latest find is a concoction of several things that seem to be working for me… for now.  I’n now using the Pro version of Remember the Milk, one of the oldest and most mature of the task managers out there, in combination with MilkSync and Siri.

The RTM web site offers a simple yet advanced way of imputing tasks, details, priority, lists and dates all from the “command line’ish” interface:


The iPhone-based app offers similar


and when you combine this feature with the voice-recognition that Siri has, and… well… my task management might finally be right!

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